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Professional Service Organization


Professional Service Organization’s 

Professional Service Organization's

In addition to the regular hourly rates Provisional Services Organization's can provide ready segmented or micro-segmented datacenter or SDDC during the handovers. Leveraging AutoNSX Solution is absolutely possible within the timeframe of one sprint.

Complicating tasks and time-consuming micro-segmentation usually disappoint customers. It always was a battle to speed up micro-segmentation since the technology is around. The most common issues during PSO and customer engagement are:

  • Limited to zero knowledge of the exiting Application Landscape
  • Constant changes in the Application Landscape
  • Lack of experts to implement correct micro-segmentation
  • High cost of available expert or DevOps resources
  • Unclear “exit” agreement while taking micro-segmentation as a task
  • “Blur” success factors of micro-segmentation engagement

PSO’s often engage with the customers at the very beginning of the micro-segmentation where the customer has limited knowledge of what they should expect of the micro-segmentation. After a few interactions and pilots of micro-segmentation, customers have to rump up their skills and knowledge, which is not always is the case.

PSO’s deploy AutoNSX Solution to provide micro-segmentation as a ready product. Instead of spending huge effort in hours with no guarantee of the customer’s success, PSO’s leverage AutoNSX to guarantee that the customer will receive the desired outcome of the signed engagement. Taking this approach doesn’t reduce PSO’s revenue but rather hourly rates are converted to a product that is delivered by AutoNSX in a controlled manner and potentially with the same revenue range for the PSO’s. An example: If the PSO company offers 100 hours of manual/scripting to achieve micro-segmentation, the typical outcome will be that the 100 hours are consumed but micro-segmentation is not achieved, hence more hours will be needed to achieve micro-segmentation. PSO and the customers are in the loop of increasing costs and receiving poor value.

Using AutoNSX Solution PSO are offering complete micro-segmentation with a cost of 100-150 hours but as a ready segmented datacenter. This is where transfer of the value happens and there is no loss of revenue to the PSO engagement, as hours potentially used for the manual script are transferred to a ready micro-segmented environment.  The only outcome of this is a happy customer – happy PSO.

  • Make existing processes, staff and products more effective by using built-in governance and automated workflows
  • Handover complete bill of materials “BOM” and prepare the customer for the day 2 operations
  • Speed up micro-segmentations
  • Show the real value of micro-segmented data centre in a matter of several days
  • Perform faster PoC