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Online Gambling


Online Gambling

Online Gambling

Securing the wining stakes of online Gambling Due to the high volume of financial activities, online gambling organizations are at very high risk of data breaches.

Millions or billions are turnovers of such organizations. Online gambling is very competitive as an industry and these organizations are extremely concerned about their reputation where potential damage to the brand and company profile can lead to losing customer loyalty in case of a successful attack.
Attackers often use backdoors and once they are inside of the organization’s data centre they scan and identify unprotected services. This is usually hidden under high activity hours where lots of false-positive security events appear.

Online gambling companies run on the shared infrastructure or infrastructure running in the cloud. These organizations must take quick actions to separate themselves from the other customer running on the same platforms while addressing regulatory challenges:

  • PCI stands for payment card infrastructure is one of the most “popular” compliances as gambling companies offer promotions eligible only to card payments
  • Regionally separation of IT environments as different regulatory institutions operate in a different part of the world
  • Isolate production to non-production systems and applications
  • Isolation of publicly accessible services

Perhaps most important is the speed of delivery of segmentation. To address compliance needs and PCI changing infrastructure gambling companies can use AutoNSX to address the entire segmentation as one activity. PCI compliance doesn’t address only technical implementation but includes governance of the implementation and following the changes in the infrastructure.

Online gambling organizations rely on AutoNSX Solution that can:

  • Integrate with existing network monitoring systems like vRNI
  • Integrate with ITSM
  • Integrate with a firewall in data centere