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Financial Services


Financial Services

Financial Services

According to recent studies by Forbes, financial institutions and firms are exposed more than ever to cyberattacks. Who should be surprised as those institutions manage what criminals hunt for: money! As any other organizations, financial services require an adequate response to security challenges and additionally:

  • GDPR this is on obvious protection of people’s data and secure the way it’s stored and accessed
  • The high volume of attacks that financial institutions and their IT teams face. These institutions experience thousands of attacks every day, some of the financial companies even more and the target are applications running in the Data Centers
  • Expansion attack surface as companies introduces new application with a “snap”, protection of those has to be on the “snap” level as well
  • Resource limitations to implement and manage security framework. Data centers were usually unprotected and hidden behind a big perimeter firewalls operated by few people. Nowadays when every single application must be segmented it is required an army of security staff to keep security in control

Fast and reliable micro-segmentation solution for Financial Institutions

Financial institutions look to AutoNSX to enhance their implementation phase of micro-segmentation for both on-premises and cloud environments without compromising on speed and governance.

AutoNSX utilizes a workflow-based approach to simplify the implementation phase. AutoNSX has 4 steps of the segmentation process:

    1. Select the security zone in which the application will fit;
    2. Select the Application, define micro-segmentation or macro-segmentation;
    3. Review the policy/rules that will be pushed, make some changes if necessary;
    4. Publish to the firewall.

Together these steps deliver unmatched speed, quality and experience, enabling the security team to segment a particular application in a matter of 2-3 minutes. Additionally, this unique process reduces the cost of running and implementing security. 

The benefits of financial institutions to using AutoNSX include:

  • Speed: Fast implementation of the changes, fats segmentation of the Applications, fast received desired state
  • Cost reduction: No need army of its experts, few people will be able to segment the entire data centre. Fewer budget spends, less time in the transition phase, less application owner enjoyments
  • Governance: Track all changes that have been made in the production environment for each flow executed. Avoid duplications of the rules, hence faster audits – better compliance.
  • Accuracy- segment exactly what you need, no need to worry about wrong implementations and unexpected behaviour