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Licensing Policies

AutoNSX License Transfer and Account Change Processes

On this page, we explain the different processes which apply to the following scenarios:

  • You wish to transfer ownership of the license to a third party (“License Transfer”); or
  • You wish to amend DigITout’s records to reflect a data entry error or a change in your account details (“Account Change”).
1. AutoNSX License Transfer

DigITout operates a strict policy on license assignment and transfers. DigITout’s software license grant to the customer is personal to that customer (ie, the license is not transferable to a third party – a “third party” being any entity (including a related entity) which is not recorded in DigITout’s systems as being the authorized licensee of the software licenses in question). As DigITout’s software license grant is personal to the customer, transfer requests may be approved or declined by DigITout at DigITout’s sole discretion. That said, requests which fall under the following categories will be considered favorably:

  • Acquisition, merger or divestiture
  • Sale of assets due to bankruptcy
  • Start of an IT outsourcing arrangement
  • Termination of an IT outsourcing arrangement
  • Change in government machinery
  • In-region corporate group restructures

DigITout will also have regard to the terms of your contract if the transfer of licenses was contractually agreed between the parties, as well as any applicable laws which prohibit DigITout from restricting the transfer of licenses.

2. DigITout Account Change

DigITout allows changes to customer account details in certain instances. Valid reasons for account changes include:

  • Customer has changed its company name, other than as a result of a merger or acquisition, and the old company name no longer exists
  • DigITout data entry errors
  • DigITout channel partner data entry errors
  • Customer wishes to combine duplicate Entitlement Accounts under one Entitlement Account
  • Customer wishes to separate its licenses into two separate Entitlement Accounts (each to be held in the name of the same legal entity)

In order to effect the changes in 1 or 2 above, please contact your Customer Support or at