AutoNSX ProtectView

AutoNSX ProtectView

Gain visibility on the implemented Application Security Model across hybrid cloud and SDN

ProtectView Security Transparency

AutoNSX ProtectView gives Application Owners real visibility on applied security principles during the micro-segmentation process in a hybrid cloud setup

Application Control and visibility

Create a global unified security

Enforced Global policies

Business continuity and troubleshooting

Automated policy Enrichment

Control and visibility on Application Security Model

Application Owners can view Application Security Model that has been implemented during the segmentation process. All rules and objects are visible in real-time.

Create a global unified security model baseline

The defined baseline in AutoNSX is used during the micro-segmentation process. The baseline is defined by Security Architect or CISO to match the designed security framework. Additionally, Security Architect or CISO can define default rules and must have rules and their desired behaviour. On each micro-segmentation work, DevOps can reuse defined global policies.

Enforced Global policies

SecureView enables Security Architect or CISO to enforce global policies to any single micro-segmented application. This ensures that all applications will follow the same concept in regards to security zones (groups). In case of violation of global policies of micro-segmentation, Security Architect or CISO can apply conditions, for example, stop segmentation of a particular application and receive detailed reports of which objects are conflicting.

Business continuity and easier troubleshooting

ProtectView applies a barrier of micro-segmentation defined by security personnel such as Architect or CISO. Barrier applied will ensure business continuity and reduce the human error of incorrectly applied policies. By having correct policies the troubleshooting process will follow a defined security design.

Automated policy Enrichment

ProtectView provides the ability to automate rules and conditions based on specific user-defined criteria. At any given time when the Application Security Model is built, DevOps/SecOps team can choose whatever to apply or not enrich raw data workflows. ProtectView Supports multiple objects like ports, protocols, sources, destinations with a combination of actions.

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