Migrate recommended firewall rules from vRNI to NSX-v NSX-T, Export firewall rules from vRNI to NSX-v NSX-T

Simple 5 step rule migration Assistance Tool from VMware Network Insight (vRNI) to NSX

Migrate recommended firewall rules from vRNI to NSX-v NSX-T. Export vRNI firewall rules to NSX. Microsegmentation security design planning is achieved with no brainer. Convert all suggested rules from vRNI to NSX-v NSX-T Cloud. Recommended firewall rules will be shown in autonsx as is, with additional customize options. Review and change necessary recommended firewall rules by vRNI as per designed security framework. Export firewall rules to distributed firewall (dfw) or source/destination security group. Create all NSX inventory firewall rules, security zones and groups. Assign dynamic virtual machine(vm) membership criteria, create IPsets, address other virtual and much more on security auditing and governance on firewall rules. No need to have the expertise to code, deploy and maintain custom written scripts that implement NSX REST API calls. No need to implement manual process.  AuotNSX enables your organization to focus on easy policy and configuration definition for small and large deployments. Single click powered by software intelligence of AutoNSX supported NSX-v and NSX-T on prem or in the cloud, VMC AWS, Azure. Organizations can utilize AutoNSX as vmware migration tool V 2 T.

Workflow Based

Pre – defined and customized wizards for creating single or multiple Security Frameworks for VMware NSX-v and  VMware NSX-T.


No need for manual rule export in comparison with other tools. Directly migrate from the “source of the truth” vRNI within the same interface.


Built with World-class interface used with security as a top priority and user-based authentication with encrypted

Business benefits

Business planning, decision support, and analysis

Accelerate business security 

By using AutoNSX organizations apply Application security principles to applications and workloads and all related flows collected by vRNI. Security policies can be applied to multiple target applications and all related objects will be created in an automated fashion.


Reduce time to market deployments 

Speed to market drive today’s business needs and AutoNSX helps companies to greatly reduce the time for an application to be on board with the security framework defined by organization needs.

Eliminate human errors

The main challenge while creating security rules/policies is to define them correctly. Using AutoNSX organizations reduces human mistakes such as typos to a zero level. AutoNSX performs all necessary takes in a strict logic with minimal user interaction but controlled and driven by the user.

No vendor lock in

No vendor lock-IN

Companies that use AutoNSX can continue to operate their infrastructure with no dependency on AutoNSX availability. Polices and objects are stored in vRNI and NSX, no data dependency is stored in AutoNSX platform   .

Our clients

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"Defining a security framework is one challenge, having implemented it without violating design authority is a different story. AutoNSX helps me define and control the implementation of our security framework. Designing a solution that has a requirement for reducing the operational overhead requires a different approach that traditional architecture. AutoNSX helps us transform complicated security frameworks to a few step implementation workflow."
Christian Stehmann
Network Architect
"AutoNSX not only increased velocity but also reduced the cost to achieve our goals. If we had to execute the same amount of tasks without AutoNSX this would require a lot of manual operations which are much slower and increase the project length/cost. Governance with AutoNSX is straight forward as I can see who how and when performed a particular task."
Jan Skovgaard Svensson
Network Lead Architect
"My daily operations include manual tasks and scripting tasks where possible. AutoNSX gives me the ability to focus on deliverables of security and micro-segmentation in the data center rather than repeating the same manual operations over and over. With it we can export firewalls rules from vRNI and import them in NSX fully automatically. We can even modify the rules before pushing them to NSX for example making them disabled so they can be reviewed without causing disruption."
Tomas Sobek
Network Consultant

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