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AutoNSX ProtectApp

AutoNSX ProtectApp

Ensure correct implementation of micro- segmentation in a control manier with high focus on compliance

Application centric security automation

AutoNSX ProtectApp provides a unique interface to network security and application owners to design and adjust Application Security Models

ProtectApp improves business agility through faster implementations of secure application landscapes. It groups efforts from application owners and IT staff in one joined force team. ProtectApp unlock capabilities of faster and secure micro-segmentations.

Application flow management

Accelerate micro-segmentation

True visibility and control

Fast DevOps/SecOps collaboration

Automate application security modeling

Application flow management

ProtectApp provides an actual real view of application connectivity. By integrating with VMware Network Insight application discovery is no longer an issue. Once Applications are defined in vRNI, ProtectApp can extract and adjust needed information and data to present to the Security Team and Application owners. It provides information with all related applications in a dependency tree.

Accelerate micro-segmentation and Application Security Models

ProtectApp enables organizations to define a baseline of the Application Security Model. You can update the Application Security Model baseline at any time with a single click. It gives the ability granularly to choose which security rules shall be applied and in which state. Micro-segmentation is made simple with AutoNSX ProtectApp.

True visibility and control

ProtectApp provides the opportunity to export history data for the Application Security Model. The history data can be exported and uploaded to a change management process manually and soon automatically. You can revert back up to 30 days to identify differences between real-time and historical data. This gives control and visibility over a period of time.

Fast DevOps/SecOps collaboration

ProtectApp is “glue” that sticks to siloed teams and removes complicated collaborations as DevOps/SecOps are focusing on the same data that is understandable to both teams. Applications are automatically pulled out of CMDB which provide a substantial advantage over common practices of defining application components and relation in yet another system.

Automate application landscape updates and micro-segmentation

ProtectApp automatically discovers and updates the current application security model in case of a change in the application landscape. If a new server is added/decommissioned or the application is split into multiple mini-applications. ProtectApp will be triggered and updates are implemented automatically. You just need to define the desired behaviour of the CRUD process.


Most frequent questions and answers

AutoNSX is a software solution that simplifies micro-segmentation by integrating to vRNI, NSX and ITSM, CMDBs. AutoNSX abstract the complexity of the micro-segmentation process with simplified workflows.

Any IT personnel, including Network Administrator, Security Architect, DevOps, SecOps, Application Owners. There are no knowledge prerequisites. IT generalists can use AutoNSX from day one and apply a security framework. Security Architects can use AutoNSX to define Security Frameworks Model. DevOps team use AutoNSX to implement the designed security model. Application owners can monitor the segmentation process of their owned application thru AutoNSX UI.

No, AutoNSX Solution is a wizard workflow-based, which hide all complexity behind the curtains and allow the user to focus on micro-segmentation tasks.

AutoNSX is a tiny platform distributed via .ova files. We can also install AutoNSX your any preprepared OS, as well.

AutoNSX is licensed on data sources. The data source is NSX, vRNI or CMDB etc. Additionally, there is a support cost. Licensing is based on 1 year to 3 years contract. If you need more than 3 years, please contact us and will provide a separate quote.

Contact us via email, phone or use the contact form below. We will assist you in installation and 30- 60 minutes walkthrough. Then you will receive an invoice for the agreed period of the license.

All of our customers are very satisfied with AutoNSX. We keep close contact with all our customers to ensure product fit and customer satisfaction. So far we didn’t lose a single customer. However, there is no vendor locking.
AutoNSX does not store objects that are related to micro-segmentation. AutoNSX can be seen as a broker that gives simplicity, velocity and governance to the customers.

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