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AutoNSX (digITout) customers are in nearly every market, including banking, financial services, green energy, consulting services, IT companies, Software resellers. Every industry has one common challenge – security. Here are some of the examples, in a few industries, of how AutoNSX Solution helps our customers in digital transformation.

Professional Service Organization

In addition to the regular hourly rates Provisional Services Organization can provide ready segmented or micro-segmented datacenter or SDDC during the handovers. Leveraging AutoNSX Solution is absolutely possible within a timeframe of one sprint..

Financial Services

According to recent studies by Forbes, financial institutions and firms are exposed more than ever to cyberattacks. Who should be surprised as those institutions manage what criminals hunt for: money! Like any other organization, financial services require..

Online Gambling

Securing the wining stakes of online Gambling due to the high volume of financial activities, online gambling organizations are at very high risk of data breaches. Millions or billions are turnovers of such organizations. Online gambling is very competitive as an industry and these organizations..

Green Energy

Recent security breaches in the Energy sector show how important to have a fast clear track of implementing security. The Energy sector is vulnerable due to high strict requirements, before connecting anything to the grid. Compliance regulations like NERC CIP come with lots, lots of audits..


AutoNSX Product Suite - Segmentation made simple

The complete solution for security automation, change management, governance and application visibility.


  • Application centric security automation
  • AutoNSX ProtectApp provides a unique interface to accelerate micro-segmentation in modern data centres. An intuitive workflow based approach reduces human errors and configurations drifts of micro-segmentation


  • Gain visibility on the implemented Application Security Model across hybrid cloud and SDN.
  • AutoNSX ProtectView gives Application Owners real visibility on applied security principles during the micro-segmentation process in a hybrid cloud setup.


  • ProtectNow enables organizations and enterprises to implement accurate security changes in a matter of minutes.
  • AutoNSX ProtectNow keeps under control governance of the micro-segmentation process, while not interfering with speed and quality.
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