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Segmentation made easy

Complete solution for security automation, change management, governance and application visibility.

Our AutoNSX product suite allows the IT security team to accelerate micro-segmentation and give Application owners visibility on security policies.


  • Application centric security automation.
  • AutoNSX ProtectApp provides a unique interface to accelerate micro-segmentation in modern data centres. An intuitive workflow based approach reduces human errors and configurations drifts of micro-segmentation.


  • Gain visibility on the implemented Application Security Model across hybrid cloud and SDN.
  • AutoNSX ProtectView gives Application Owners real visibility on applied security principles during the micro-segmentation process in a hybrid cloud setup.


  • ProtectNow enables organizations and enterprises to implement accurate security changes in a matter of minutes.
  • AutoNSX ProtectNow keeps under control governance of the micro-segmentation process, while not interfering with speed and quality.

AutoNSX is an innovative software solution for securing applications residing in any location by keeping governance in control by the security architects and application owners.

Application Centric Approach

Automated Policy Еnrichment

Global Defined Policies

Open and reliable platform

Application Centric Approach to apply security

Discover/define and enforce application security model to restrict which applications can talk to which applications in which security environments.

Automated Policy Еnrichment

Leverage one of the most advanced engines in the industry to enrich security policies across on-premises and hybrid cloud.

Global Defined Policies to ensure stability of the environment

Use global defined policies to avoid configuration drifts during the enforcements stages, keep compliance under control at any given time.

Open and reliable platform

Integrate AutoNSX Solution with API capable platforms to receive the most updated data and change management.


Being VMware Technology Alliance Partner, digITout -develop, test, integrate, certify/validate and package products with VMware products and services. All this process is validated by VMware. This ensures an exclusively high standard of the solutions developed by digITout.

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Most frequent questions and answers

AutoNSX is a software solution that simplifies micro-segmentation by integrating to vRNI, NSX and ITSM, CMDBs. AutoNSX abstract the complexity of the micro-segmentation process with simplified workflows.

Any IT personnel, including Network Administrator, Security Architect, DevOps, SecOps, Application Owners. There are no knowledge prerequisites. IT generalists can use AutoNSX from day one and apply a security framework. Security Architects can use AutoNSX to define Security Frameworks Model. DevOps team use AutoNSX to implement the designed security model. Application owners can monitor the segmentation process of their owned application thru AutoNSX UI.

No, AutoNSX Solution is a wizard workflow-based, which hide all complexity behind the curtains and allow the user to focus on micro-segmentation tasks.

AutoNSX is a tiny platform distributed via .ova files. We can also install AutoNSX your any preprepared OS, as well.

AutoNSX is licensed on data sources. The data source is NSX, vRNI or CMDB etc. Additionally, there is a support cost. Licensing is based on 1 year to 3 years contract. If you need more than 3 years, please contact us and will provide a separate quote.

Contact us via email, phone or use the contact form below. We will assist you in installation and 30- 60 minutes walkthrough. Then you will receive an invoice for the agreed period of the license.

All of our customers are very satisfied with AutoNSX. We keep close contact with all our customers to ensure product fit and customer satisfaction. So far we didn’t lose a single customer. However, there is no vendor locking.
AutoNSX does not store objects that are related to micro-segmentation. AutoNSX can be seen as a broker that gives simplicity, velocity and governance to the customers.

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The AutoNSX Product Suite provides the best in market accelerated segmentation implementation in a single platform. Please provide us with your contact details and one of our experts will reach out. →