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Software-Defined Networking (SDN) solution allows organization to a better level of efficiency

from simple to complex multi-tier networks

The landscape of the modern data center is  evolved to any stage. The migration from physical to virtualized workloads, move towards software-defined data centers, flood of a multi-cloud landscape, BYOD accessing the corporate data center, and adoption of new architectural and deployment models such as micro-services and containers has assured the only constant in modern data center/cloud evolution is the quest for higher levels of agility and service efficiency.

End-to-end security is crucial, but higher security often compromises flexibility. The more security, the harder to adapt things. We all know that making changes in your physical data-center or on your network takes some time… If you want flexibility and agility on your network without compromising your security:

digITout can help achieve this goal

digITout advisory team has extensive experience in working with organizations, providing expert advice and recommendations. Together with your business and technology experts, we design and architect feature strategy for the Software Defined Networking, to ensure you have full overview of the strategy. We help you allocate your resources in relation to  business opportunities, processes, people , tasks.

By having a well-structured program and architecture for  Software Defined Networking, resources can be allocated and spent in the most efficient manner. Architecture is defined and aligned across all verticals on a cross functional manner.

  • Network & Security insights

Pre-defined assessment services with clear deliverable.

  • Advisory & assessment services

Customized services based on customer-specific requirements.

  • SDN Architecture

Document set including discovery , configuration guidelines.

By utilizing digITout technology experts, organizations get solution designs and implementation projects that meet the requirements of business and IT. Relevant features are enabled, related products are integrated with other technology components, and synergies are obtained.

In addition to a higher return on investment by proper design, digITout ensures hassle-free implementation projects, with solid technology implementations and knowledge transfer.

  • Solution architecture

Optimized solution designs, enabling relevant functionality and integration synergies

  • Senior technology experts

With the highest product certifications from both market-leading vendors and cutting-edge technologies, We  guide and assist customers in design and implementation


digITout differs from other companies in the area by providing a turnkey solution

Planning |  Optimizing | Building | Executing


digITout will provide professional consulting services to explore NSX usage feasibility options and the best approach. This is performed through a 1-2 day on-site workshop with key stakeholders or remotely. digITout will provide discovery and assessment services resulting in a detailed inventory of your environment along with a proposed action plan, methodology, cost and timeline.


Due to the different hardware and technology used in the on prime DC and Cloud optimizing your workloads, networks and policies will be necessary. digITout will assist you in understanding these differences and assist you in optimizing your workloads on prem or in the Cloud.


digITout will build out the desired environment with you including networks, firewall rules and security policies. digITout will design in close collaboration with your experts security framework that applies and meets set requirements. Destination point can be either on prem DC or migrated to cloud. digITout uses best software for rule migration from vRNI to NSX. fully automated way to migrate. At the end of migration tool (AutoNSX intelligence software ) remines with you for 3 months free license.


digITout will work with you to coordinate the execution of your migration plan. We’ll keep you up-to-date on the status of each phase of the migration, execute thorough test plans and ensure a seamless go-live event.

Agile Company, Lean Pricing




One production app

Document package




One production app

Document package

Process transformation




One production app

Document package

Process transformation

Turnkey solution

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