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Data Center and Networking

Stable, secure and reliable

Without having stable DC and Network nothing is possible

Typically, data center networking creates a network infrastructure that is: In line with the industry regulations and meets organization, customer, users needs; Supports networking requirements for modern technologies such as cloud computing and virtualization; Scalable and can easily meet the requirements of network communications in peak usage.

digITout exclusive service help organization to achieve everything

digITout advisory team has extensive experience in working with organizations, providing expert advice and recommendations. Together with your business and technology experts, we design and architect future solutions based on leading edge vendors Cisco, VMware, to ensure you have full overview of the strategy. We help you allocate your resources in relation to  business opportunities, processes, people , tasks.

  • Data center & Network insights

Pre-defined assessment services with clear deliverable.

  • Advisory & assessment services

Customized services based on customer-specific requirements.

  • Data Center Architecture

Document set including discovery , configuration guidelines.

By utilizing digITout technology experts, organizations get solution designs and implementation projects that meet the requirements of business and IT. Relevant features are enabled, related products are integrated with other technology components, and synergies are obtained.

In addition to a higher return on investment by proper design, digITout ensures hassle-free implementation projects, with solid technology implementations and knowledge transfer.

  • Solution architecture

Optimized solution designs, enabling relevant functionality and integration synergies.

  • Senior technology experts

With the highest product certifications from both market-leading vendors and cutting-edge technologies, We  guide and assist customers in design and implementation.


digITout expertise and skills

Planning |  Optimizing | Building | Executing


Gain insight into the current state of your network infrastructure and view how applications and services are delivered to the user community through your digital supply chain.


Identify how people, process, and technology are performing. Understand where there are constraints in resource utilization and service delivery that need to be addressed. Each module has clearly defined objectives and deliverables, ensuring visibility and tangible, measurable points to ensure all parties remain informed. This ensures valuable insights are shared early, expectations remain aligned, and assertions challenged if necessary.


Using a top down methodology digITout will determine how your business objectives and IT roadmap translates and impacts the DC & Networking. Using the information gathered in the Planing and Optimizing phase recommending a go-to DC architecture(s) with a supporting cost mode(s) to create a tangible technical and commercial future roadmap.


Execute the strategy defined during the architect phase of this process validated by the insight derived from the Planing and Optimizing phases.

Agile Company, Lean Pricing




One production app

Document package




One production app

Document package

Staff training’s 




One production app

Document package

Staff training’s 

Full implementation

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