digitout Ltd. has delivered multiple projects to our customers across different industries

Here at Digitout Ltd. we are proud of our high quality standards

These standards allow us to provide our customers with reliable solutions, regardless of complexity. We use the latest IT methodologies and technologies. Projects are established based on frameworks such as Agile and waterfall. This means that we can concentrate on our clients’ business goals and keep them involved in every stage through the entire project.

Digitout Ltd. is a privately held  company established in 2016. We specialize in IT consultancy  and software integrations. Since its foundation, Digitout has presence multiple locations around Europe. Our main office is located in Bulgaria and we span across Spain, Ireland, Czech Republic. All locations known as IT hubs in Europe and Worldwide were most talents located. This fulfill our motto…

“Stable Networking is Everything”

Our Team

A” Team of IT experts worked for leading vendors such VMware, Cisco, IBM, AWS, OVH.  We not stop there – in case of customer specific needs we hire consultants with required experience and technology.


Unlock the potential of Cloud technologies and achieve your development goals